How to Create Social Powered Online Banner Ads (CUBE and Other Layouts)

How to Create Social Powered Online Banner Ads (including our new CUBE layout):    

  1. Login to your Friends2Follow Administrative Site (If you do not have this information please email (Figure 1a).
  2. Before creating ad tags for your Social Powered Online Banner Ad, make sure to schedule the content stream/s that you want to run in the ad space. 
  3. Click on "Widget" (Figure 1b).
  4. You will now "Customize" the widget. Make sure you are on the "Configure" tab (Figure 1c).
  5. Under "Widget content", select "Advertiser-specific posts" (Please note: the 'Cube' is ONLY available for the 'Advertiser-specific posts') (Figure 1d).
  6. Under "Widget type" select our new "Cube" or different layout.   (Figure 1e).
  7. Continue to "Customize" the widget according to your preferred specifications ("Configure", "Style" and "Add my business"). Click here if you help.
  8. Make sure to select the correct Online Banner Ad Tags (Figure 1f).

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