F2F increases Blinder Group's close rate by 15 percentage points!

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In 2015 The Blinder Group worked in over 100 markets, producing over $6 million in new revenue for our local media clients.

When we roll into a market, we work with your local sales team to present a custom multimedia bundle to your target clients, who typically sign one year agreements for the offer, which is limited in quantity and time (special pricing while we are in market generates immediate sales).

We are here at the Mega-Conference in Atlanta, talking up the single biggest hot button product that we saw in 2014.  Friends2Follow is the secret ingredient.

When Friends2Follow was included in the bundle offered by our clients, our closing rate jumped by 15 percentage points!

When we first started helping to market Friends2Follow, we had no idea that it would turn out to be the perfect product at just the right time.  The social streaming widget solves the problem created by Facebook recently.  Facebook now filters business page post, so the typical post is only seen by 5 - 10% of the clients' Facebook "likes."  We are told that will go to 0% in the near future - all business posts will be blocked!

Local businesses that have spent years building their audience of likes are dismayed, but in the end, it's Facebook's platform and they can do what they want.

Friends2Follow neatly circumvents Facebook by streaming social posts directly onto the pages of your newspaper's website.  Check out an example by clicking HERE and looking for the Friends2Follow widget in the right rail.  Be sure to click on "View All Updates" at the bottom of the widget to see the cool archive page.  Your clients' posts live forever in the archives, which is a convenience for readers, and a great way to associate the client's content with your newspaper content online.

The stream can handle all your clients' posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube.  That puts "breaking local business news" in one place for your readers on the pages of your website.  The entire process is automated, so the posts appear automatically with no manual work for you or the client.

Local businesses have a strong and immediate reaction to this product.  In most of the markets we worked, publishers reported that businesses were calling immediately after Friends2Follow launched on their site, wanting to know about a la carte pricing.  

We actually recommend limiting Friends2Follow to clients who buy a multimedia package for a full year. That drives sales of the bigger package, and it ensures greater impact for the premiere clients who support your multimedia efforts in your market.

To check out how we go to market with multimedia programs, click HERE to see the sales deck we used for Sound Publishing.

To learn more about deploying Friends2Follow in your market just shoot us a call, text, or email.




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