What administrative site responsibilities are publications accountable for?

1. You will need a “website person” to place the needed code on your sites. This only has to be done 1x per content block.

2. You will need a support staffer (or the sales reps) to add the social media of any advertisers you sell to the content block for each advertiser you sell. We designed this extremely easy process with the limited time of your support staff in mind. It is an extremely easy process that takes only a few minutes and is “set it and forget it” so you do not have to “touch” it after initially scheduled.

3. We also provide optional tools for your team in the form of Advertiser Reports and a handy Facebook Leads Generation Tool that the Sales Team can access directly.

4. In short, your team will be responsible for all administration of your Social Media Powered Content Blocks. But it is very user friendly process and doesn’t have to be “touched” often.

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