Update Roundup as of 2-10-15

Thank you all for updating the widgets on your sites to take advantage of our latest updates.

Most of the changes from the required code update were to increase speed, accuracy, and security for the social media sites we work with. However, as most of you noticed, there are many new, optional, display/functionality features available to.

As always, these updates increase functionality, your ability to serve advertisers and are brought to you without any additional charge.

Happy Friends2Follow-ing and thank you for exploring our Widget builder to see everything available. 



  1. Social Stack Layout: Our beautiful “Social Stack” display option is available for any of your Widgets. Visit the Widget Builder in your Friends2Follow Administrative Site to see how our new layout drives greater engagement by highlighting the media (pictures video etc) portion of any social media post. 
    1. ***To take advantage of this new feature you must replace the existing code on your site or implement new code onto your site. 


  1. Styler Tool: You can now fully customize your Friends2Follow powered online banner ads and content blocks. We have a “Styler” tool available in the Widget Builder section of you Friends2Follow Administrative site. You can put a logo or banner with a click through URL within any Widget, change background colors, font, and even modify link mouse over styles for all of your Widgets. 
    1. ***To take advantage of this new feature you must replace the existing code on your site or implement new code onto your site.


  1. Leaderboard Layout: Friends2Follow powered online banner ads are nothing new. But we have made the leaderboard layout much more effective for your advertisers. Use our Widget builder to create a Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, Skyscraper, Online Half Page or any other size currently available on your site and discover the advantages of Friends2Follow powered online banner ads. You can run them through your online banner ad server and sell them anyway you currently sell online ads.


  1. Mobile: We have our Mobile Banner functionality available for displaying advertiser or content posts at the top and/or bottom of any mobile app or website. Also, our new Social Stack display utilizes reactive scaling to ensure content blocks will look great no matter what size of screen your readers are using. Implement a Friends2Follow mobile feature to start driving new mobile page views today. 


  1. Follow and Share buttons: are available in posts on a per Widget basis. Your readers can Like/Follow Facebook, Twitter and Google+ posts without leaving your site and they can share or follow posts by clicking the appropriate button within any post! The interaction with these new Follow/Share buttons is also now being recorded within our Reports tool within your Friends2Follow Administrative Site so you can now provide these important engagement statistics to your clients. 
    1. ***To take advantage of this new feature you must replace the existing code on your site or implement new code onto your site. 


  1. Leads Generator Update: We have upgraded both the geographic targeting system and the interface we use to get the data that generates the Facebook leads in our Leads Generator in all Friends2Follow


  1. Administrative Sites. In addition, these advancements have allowed us to significantly increase the regularity with which we will update the information (# of times per week a lead posts, current like count, etc). The end result is a larger quantity of leads, more accurately represented with up to date information for a more specific area. And results that faster. Basically, the new Leads Generator is better in every way. 


  1. Reports have been redesigned for ease of use and they now include interaction information for the new Follow and Share buttons now available. You can also export Reports into PDF or HTML formats. Click on the “Full Report” of any advertisers and take a look. 


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