Why would I need F2F on your site when I can do cheap Facebook promoted posts?

Here is how entrepreneur Elen Dekel answered that question in a recent Forbes column titled: "Facebook pages are a bad investment for small businesses."

“Next to each post is a small “Promote” button which innocently suggests that for the mere sum of anywhere from $5 to $300, you can have your post reach from 500 to 50,000 people," he wrote.

"This is equivalent to paying from $6 to $10 CPM, advertising rates typically paid for premium ad inventory, to have your post appear on the news feeds of people for whom you have already richly paid Facebook once before. Bear in mind that this is just for your post to appear fleetingly on their feed, with no guarantee that they will see it or click on it.”

Dekel said he was shocked to learn that only 1-5 percent of his 6,000 fans would see any of his free posts.

"Our biggest disappointment was our misunderstanding of how Facebook Pages work. Instead of building a database of users that you can contact at will, you are essentially paying Facebook to build a list of people that you can then advertise to,” he wrote.

You would pay the newspaper a couple hundred dollars a MONTH to expose all of you social media to thousands of eyeballs. A much better CPM.

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