How to Change your Friends2Follow Content Blocks/Widgets

How to Change Content Block/Widget: 

  1. Login to your Friends2Follow Administrative Site (If you do not have this information please write to (Figure 1a).  
  2. Click on “Widgets” in the Global Navigation bar at the top of the page to access the Widget Builder (Figure 1b). 
  3. “Configure" your Widget with the options you would like (Figure 1c). (For the auto load feature, you must select the “Social Stack” display option and then you will have the option to have Auto-load enabled.) (Figure 1d)
  4. (Optional) After you Configure the nuts and bolts of your new content block, you can click on the “Style” tab and change/customize the look and feel of your new Content Block (Figure 1e).
  5. Once you have all of the settings for your Widget complete, copy the Embed Code and implement it on your site where you’d like your Content Block to appear or copy the code and paste it into an email for whomever manages your website (Figure 1f). 
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