How to Set up Friends2Follow Channels

Channel Strategy

The first thing to remember about Channels is that they are nothing more than a simple way to organize which Streams within your Friends2Follow Administrative Site appear where. So, Channel set up is all about strategy. 

Multiple Channels/Verticals/Sections Strategy (Most Popular and Easiest to Modify)

If you and your team would like to more effectively advertises the social media posts of specific advertiser verticals on like pages within your site, you will want to set up channels and use "Channel-Specific Posts" for the Widget Type in the Widget Builder. Furthermore, you will want to create a channel for each page or section.

I.E. If you ONLY want Streams from Restaurants to appear on a dining page or within a dining section, but you want to schedule all businesses you sell to appear on the home page, you will have to create two Channels, one for Dining and one for Home Page Businesses. 


One Widget for ALL Strategy

If your strategy is to have all streams scheduled through your Friends2Follow Administrative site appear within the same content block or blocks throughout your site, you can simply use the "Everything" Widget Type in the Friends2Follow Administrative site. IF you are going to use the one widget for all strategy, there is no need to create any channels. 


In the end, don't worry about getting it exactly right from the beginning. Channels are easy to modify, create and delete. If you think there is a possibility of adding more sections or channels later, we suggest creating at least one channel right off the bat and implementing Channel-Specific Widgets from in your Friends2Follow Administrative Site.  


How to Create Multiple Channel Strategy:

  1. Login to your Friends2Follow Administrative Site (If you do not have this information please write to (Figure 1a). 
  2. Click on "Channels" in the Global Navigation Bar near the top of any page within your Friends2Follow Administrative Site (Figure 1b)
  3. Click on "+ Add Channel" or you can "Edit" one of the existing streams that are in your channels section by default (Figure 1c)
  4. Click in the "Name" field and (Figure 1d). give your Channel a name. The name will only be seen by your internal team never by the public. If this Channel is going to be implemented on a specific page or section within your site, we suggest naming the Channel after the page(s) or section (Figure 1e)
  5. (Optional) You can add a "Sponsor" for the channel next. A "Sponsor" is intended to be business streams that you commingle with editorial sources and thus need to differentiate the posts coming from advertisers from those that originate from your editorial sources (Figure 1f).
  6. The Description is for internal identification and explanation of the purpose of the Channel (Figure 1g).
  7. It is recommended that you leave the Text Format: Filtered HTML.
  8. You will notice you can also modify the Style of the Widget that will be used for this Channel from this page as well. This is how you change the look and feel to suit the branding of your site and the preferences of your audience (Figure 1h)
  9. The Preview provides a glimpse of what this Channel-specific content block will look like and the actual code used to imbed this content block into the page(s) of your site that you'd like to enhance with a Friends2Follow Content Block (Figure 1i)

Please note: After you have created multiple channels in your Friends2Follow Administrative site, you will have to implement those Channel-specific widgets into your website AND schedule Streams within your Friends2Follow Administrative site to have live posts appear in your content blocks.  

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