How YOU can Share

It is easy to share your ideas, best practices or comments with all the other users of this site.

If you don't find what you are looking for on this page, you can do a keyword SEARCH in the search box at the top, right side of this page (Figure 1a), our Knowledge & Resource Center .


Figure 1a


You can also use the SEARCH function to find particular TOPICS of discussion or locate COMMUNITIES, which are users who share a common interest in or specialty with Friends2Follow such as web design, sales techniques or managing customer relations.

To browse a topic or community, click on "Community Browse" just to the right of this section (Figure 1b).


Figure 1b


In the Community Browse section, you can post questions (using the button at the top right of that page), upload documents such as PDFs, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, etc. You can also check all the questions or answers on this page (Figure 1c).


Figure 1c


In addition, you can post comments on any posted article by clicking on "View Page" (Figure 1d) at the bottom of the article.


Figure 1d


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