How businesses make the most of YouTube

 by Kristi Hines

One area of online and content marketing that not a lot of businesses have tapped into yet is video marketing. Many think that in order to have a presence on YouTube, you have to invest in expensive video making.

While you do need to create quality content, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get in front of YouTube’s massive audience. The following are ways that any business can make the most of YouTube.

Start with a Branded Channel

Your YouTube channel is essentially your profile for their network. So there are a few things you will want to do to ensure that visitors to your channel have no doubt it belongs to your business.

First, change your YouTube channel’s layout to the new design. There’s no sense in editing your channel in the old layout just to have to go back in and edit it later.Add some channel Art. This is essentially like your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. The recommended size of this photo is 2120 x 1192.

Next, add links to your website and social profiles.

Be sure that you put your most important link first as this one will be on top of your channel art – and likely the only link most visitors see.
Also be sure to edit the About information to let people know a bit more about your company. Then click the Done button when finished.

If you do have videos for your business, be sure to select the one that makes the best introduction to your business as the Unsubscribed Trailer video. This will show to anyone who is not yet subscribed to your channel. This can be something that introduces your business and your channel to new visitors and encourages them to subscribe. Alternatively, this can just be your latest uploaded video that you want to get a lot of playback on. If you don’t have videos, you can remove this section entirely.

Once you’re finished, your channel should look something like this.
If you happen to have other YouTube channels related to your business, be sure to visit the About tab and look for the Feature Other channels button. Then add your other channels to show up in the right sidebar of your main channel.

Add Some Favorite Videos & Playlists

Not  ready to create your own videos just yet, but want to build your YouTube audience anyway? Start with filling your YouTube channel out with favorite videos and playlists.  First, search YouTube for videos that people in your industry would enjoy watching, but are not from competitors. When you find those videos, add them to custom playlists.

Then, in the three video sections of your channel, select a playlist to be featured.
Voila! Now you have a YouTube channel full of content – without having to make one video!

Optimize Your Videos

If your business does have videos, make sure those videos are SEO optimized. To do this, go to your Video Manager and edit your videos. Then make sure you are using targeted keyword phrases in your title, description, and tags for each video.
Basically, whatever you want your videos to rank for in search should be in each of these fields. If you want videos to come up in search when people Google your business name, then your business name should be in each of these fields as well.

Also, be sure to include your website link in the description of the video, preferably within the first sentence. This way, people can click from your video page to your website. You can even include a website link in the video itself using video annotations.

Measure Your Results

Last, but not least, you will want to continuously monitor your YouTube page. If you have videos, you can visit your YouTube Analytics to see stats about their views, favorites, likes, and other engagement.
You can also connect your YouTube Analytics to marketing tools such as SumAll to see how your YouTube activity affects your overall online marketing, including traffic to your website and sales.

Start using YouTube today to do all your video marketing and find out how it benefits your business!

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Kristi Hines

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