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This is our annual wrap up of all the new and exciting functions we have added to Friends2Follow. You WILL NOT receive this more than once a year unless you have opted into receiving our Newsletter, which you can do by clicking  HERE.

Our changes include such improvements as auto-scrolling, the CUBE ad, advertiser self-service reporting, automatic reports, sticky posts and lots more.

Many of these improvements and new functions came from customer suggestions, maybe even you! So, we invite you to please suggest more changes or improvements by clicking below.

Increase Engagement with Auto-Scrolling

You can create more excitement on your page and give greater exposure to each post by setting up auto scrolling.

Go to the widget builder and select how many posts you want to scroll through and how fast. We recommend around 7 seconds and no less than 5 seconds.

Once you save the changes, you'll need to copy the new code and paste it into your CMS.
Create CUBE Ads From Social Media 
You have always been able to create any size social media powered online banner ad for any one of your Advertisers. Add their logo and the ad will begin with a branding frame and then rotate through their most recent social media posts for truly "set-it and forget-it" online banner ad content. 

Now you can use our new CUBE layout for Online Half Page (300 x 600), Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) and Large Rectangle (336 x 280) online banner ad sizes. It will run through your ad server just like any other banner ad. CLICK the photo to the left for a demonstration.

For details on how easy this is to set up this social media driven ad clickHERE.
Make Advertisers' Posts "Sticky"

 Want to give an advertiser more visibility? You can make their post(s) stay at the top of the widget for the time period you set.

Go to STREAMS & POSTS and click on the POSTS. Then find the post you want to make sticky and click on EDIT.

Under PUBLISHING OPTIONS check the STICKY box and then set the date and time for the post to start and become UNSTICKY.

Schedule Reports To Advertisers or Sales Reps
You can export reports for any time frame manually for any Advertiser on the performance of their Posts and Streams in your Friends2Follow content blocks and/or social powered ads for any time period. Or, you can create a report that will be emailed once, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly on any day you choose.

Go to Reports, click on Advertisers, select full report for the specific advertiser and then click on "Email Report" at the top of the screen. You can then make your selection. Set it and forget it.
... Or Let Advertisers Customize Their Reports 

You can create a self-serve dashboard for advertisers so they can check out the performance of their social media posts on Friends2Follow whenever they want. For instructions click HERE
Required Changes to Instagram Set Up

Instagram now requires that your advertisers authorize the streaming of their posts through Friends2Follow. All you have to do is enter an email for the advertiser in the box labeled "advertiser dashboard user"  when you set up the Instagram stream. That will generate a message with instructions to the advertiser. To see what the process looks like click HERE.
How to Block Unwanted Accounts from Posting to your #HashTag Powered Content Blocks

If you would like to block a competitor or any other account from posting into a Friends2Follow #HashTag powered content block, click on the GEAR in the menu bar and select ACCOUNTS BLACKLIST. Then fill out the form and save. Or if you find a post has already been made from an undesired account, go to STREAMS & POSTS and click on the BLACKLIST button next to the offending post. That will exclude posts from that account and delete all previous ones.
Other Improvements
Swear word filter
When turned on for a Stream in your Friends2Follow Admin Site, we automatically screen for and block any posts with the most obvious bad words from posting onto your websites. 

Retweet filter
When turned on for a Stream in your Friends2Follow Admin Site, any Twitter feed will not display any retweets so your content block won't be flooded with the same tweets from multiple sources.

Lite Follow/Like Social Media Buttons
Friends2Follow Widgets are designed to keep the load time of partner sites low. To help our partners keep the load time of their websites to an absolute minimum, we have made a more efficient, less flashy version of our Like/Follow buttons. 

The "Lite" Follow/Like buttons are now default for new Widgets so if you are looking to decrease load time, reimplement the Widgets on your site today! While in the Widget Builder, click on the QUESTION MARK next to the Like/Follow buttons for a more detailed explanation.

Bot No More
We have implemented a more rigorous system to eliminate the rare occurrence of incorrect traffic reporting caused by malicious bots. The best part is our bot detection and elimination will get better and more intelligent as time goes on. 
We're Always Here to Help

Need help with rate cards or creating widgets? We have that and much more in our Knowledge and Resource Center.

There are tutorials for setting up new accounts, linking to advertisers' social media streams and using our new bad words filter.

We also provide best practices for using social media and overcoming objections.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our VP of Sales, Reinig Morris,
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